Indie Filipino comics on mobile phones

From Inq 7: Startup to offer indie Filipino comics for mobile phones

There’s a start up company that would like to give our local graphic artists a venue to showcase their talents on mobile phones. Gibeon, the start up, will have 14 titles launched next month. At first it will be available for Smart subscribers through the WAP portal, then soon it will also be available for Globe subscribers. Gibeon is also targeting foreign markets such as Singapore, Malaysia and the US.

It is good that our local artists’ talents will also be seen in other markets. The comic strips of most of the artists mentioned in the article are available through their respective blogs. Currently, I am watching the blogs of my friends Jonas Diego, Jac Ting Lim and fellow UP alumnus, Joel Chua fortheir latest artworks, comic strips and projects. They are but three of the local artists whose works will be part of Gibeon’s launch next month.

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  • Interesting …

    I was at an animation expo nuon, and suggested to some officers that they package some of their stuff via mobile phones.

    pero just wondering, will it be anything similar to the TV-show filmclips that went for … what was it P100 for a 5 minute clip ba iyon? basta, super mahal, eh.

    how will the comic e-books be distributed/downloaded?

    ka edong

  • Via WAP Portal daw ng Smart. Php30 per download 🙂

  • flourish not, this will

    idea: use those comics for advertising. just like the “barkada trip” of studio 23 where the characters appear on TV with branded products.

  • Why do you think not? Too expensive?

  • Ka Edong: Hmmm. The thing is that they will market it not only locally but also in foreign markets. Hindi pa masyadong detailed yung news so I guess we can wait for the launch in September.

    Or I could talk with Jac and ask details? Hmmm. Pero that would be pre-empting the launch. Hahaha. Let’s see how it goes 🙂

    Migs: What say you?

  • k e

    > Why do you think not? Too expensive?

    Yup, too expensive. Watch TV and you’ll have an afternoon-full of anime.

    If anybody knows of any friend who watched G-TV more than once at P20/min, raise your hands please. …. I thought so.

    Biz model: create super-cool/funny animated shorts (30secs to 1min) for, say … Nike or Kodak. Then let people IR/bluetooth the files to each other (viral!) or download from the web/wap or forward as MMS at low cost. Now you’ve got high-end mini-ads that people will be sharing/showing to friends.

    ka edong
    (hands not raised)

  • Krakista

    Dial-up surfing costs P2.50 an hour. People might as well view it on the ‘net. Besides, spamming is going to kill the mobile content industry.

  • Offer a flat fee (ala sun cellular 24/7 mode) for GPRS or at the very least WAP. Mildly bandwidth hugging mobile apps will flourish, it will.

    Another model would be like our keitai loving asian friends as mentioned in this wired article,1367,68605,00.html

    Baka pwede P30.00 for say a months subscription to 5 comic titles of your choice.



  • If it can be formatted as MMS, then it can be as low as PhP10 per download (PhP5 for Addict Mobile).

    Re: the Sony Pictures Entertainment product – looks like it needs a smart viewer program.