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Injustice: Gods Among Us now available for free on Android

NetherRealm Studios, the makers of DC fighting game Injustice: Gods Among Us, launched the Android version of their game which iOS users have been enjoying for quite some time already along with console players.


Injustice: Gods Among Us is an arcade-style fighting game featuring the DC heroes and villains, in a 3-on-3 tag team match. The mobile version of the game uses swipes and taps to control the action. Playing both mobile and console version will allow you to unlock other versions of a character for each platform that’s not available for those who play it on just one version.

You first start with three low-level characters and earn points after each fight which you can use to upgrade your character, unlock specials, or buy booster packs to get better characters and support cards. Aside from the usual big names in DC Comics world, you can also play with cult favorites such as Bane, Lobo, Doomsday, and Solomon Grundy.

It’s an addicting game for the mobile because you can play it in spurts and don’t have to invest long, continuous hours on it. And it’s one of those places where the Joker can defeat Supes with a bazooka.

Get Injustice: Gods Among Us on Google Play. Be warned that it’s a huge almost 1GB download.

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  • Griswold

    ooohhhh… been waiting for this matagal na. thanks for the heads up!

  • 🙂

    Been playing this on my Nexus 7 and I love it. I was lucky with a gold booster pack and got Batman.