Inq7 NOD32 article

Joey Alarilla writes about and praises NOD32 in Inquirer.

Ok well and good. NOD32 boasts of several advatanges (faster scanning, lower memory footprint) but, personally, I can’t see why anyone will have to pay for an anti-virus package. Try avast or AVG. Both have free versions that do the job. I also still have to try the open-source ClamAV. In the world of security tools, open-source will always beat proprietary tools—the more transparent the software is to the greater population, the more secure it becomes.

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  • You’re right, free and open-source software will always be there.

    I think this article is more of a review though. The cons weren’t mentioned but when I tried this, I can’t find any either.

    My money’s on NOD32 among the proprietary anti-virus suites.

  • I have AVG in my notebook, and Avast on the desktop.

    I see no problems with either one, and I love both of them!

  • two words: tech support

    “”there are only two kinds of men in he world: the one who can count; and the third one, the who one cant..”

  • Al18

    I agree with you, why will you spend money for antivirus where in you can get it free like AVG and AVAST. I’ve been using AVG for my notebook for half a year now and I’m satisfied with this freeware suite.

  • NOD32 is incompatible with some applications, I find that it doesn’t work with Tiny Personal Firewall (TPF) when i tried it out. TPF is the most advance firewall i have ever used, it even has built-in Intrusion Detection and Prevention. NOD32 also has problems with BlackIce Defender, the best Anti-RootKit there is today.

    TPF and BlackIce are not free but is worth it.

  • For free firewall, try Kerio. Has all the basic features that you need.

  • PoshNeya

    i love free, i love AVG.

  • nod32

    no ifs and buts.

  • No one vouching for Windows Live OneCare? 🙂

    I’m using the Norton Antivirus trial from Google Pack.

  • Mig,
    But once the trial period expires?

  • PoshNeya


  • Once it expires, then maybe I’ll go into power user mode as Mon blogged: no antivirus!

  • whats wrong with my NOD32 it say:

    Days Left: 16715909

  • eispan

    @ minor…

    nothing is wrong with you NOD32… have you installed a “patch” after installing the free trial? that means yours will expire 16715909 days from now… sniff sniff i smell something “fishy” hehehehe

    regarding NOD32, this was suggested by a former HS Batchmate of mine who is now based in the US (i am based in the UK right now) and it’s amazing and does not take much resources from your system.

    i have a licenced Norton Internet Security 2005 (Anti Spyware) and it has given me so many problems. it’s true when they say that these big names are all 98% hype and are not as effective as they claim to be. in spite of me being very careful, i still was infected (or invaded) by anti spyware and that nasty and “makulit” na Vundo trojan. i was really upset since i have expected my NAV to work as advertised. but it didn;t and i still had darn popups… unfortunately my NAV expires on July 2007 and i paid for it, so i guess i am stuck with relying on third party anti spyware and adware…

    have you installed the new Internet Explorer 7.0 beta 2? try it, the security features are amazing and it’s very much effective as Firefox (which i also use)

    with regards to NOD32? Go for it, even Microsoft recommends it!

  • As long as IE has hooks to the operating system via Activex, it’ll never be secure. By design, activex allows code to be executed without the owner knowing it. It is a major design flaw which, if you analyze all the security incidents, is the root cause of all our woes.

  • dyunh

    I have been working with one of the big 3 in the AV industry and I am no longer using an AV on my machines. I replaced them with HIPS backed up with NIPS as well as my firewall for perimeter defense.

    Why use AV when HIPS can protect your system due to they use use behavioural instead of patterns or signatures.

    Haven’t anyone noticed why Mac is stepping away quietly on the AV industry and moving towards HIPS/NIPS? Specially big blue is lurking just around the corner..

    Just my two cents of thoughts..