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Yesterday morning, I needed to peel myself off my chair in disbelief when I received one particular e-mail: its the Golden Ticket. This barely month-old blogging service is apparentl giving out one of the hottest web invites to get since Gmail.

Thing is, why bother using a hosted WordPress service when I already run WP itself on my own hosting account? After choosing from the 8 un-editable default templates, setting up categories and pages, you’re really left with nothing else to do, but post. This takes away the need for the never-ending chore of editing the look of your blog, and the endless installation and upgrading of every WP plugin available. It lets you focus on what is essential: your content.

As for the setup itself, it just feels like you were given a lower user level inside WP. Aside from the feature-rich enhanced posting mode, which needs some getting used to for someone used to typing ‘< 's and '>‘s, there really isn’t much of a difference from a WordPress installation you did yourself, since the system uses WordPress Multiuser, or WordPress MU.

More insights:

  1. There’s a set 25MB upload limit, which I find reasonable, though the 300MB photo storage available for every BlogSpot account is still noteworthy.
  2. Everytime you make successful edits, the confirmation text boxes provides a really nice cooling down effect turning from a hot yellow color, to light blue. Makes you want to flash that geek smile everytime.
  3. On your Dashboard, you’ll be able to see the latest entries from other users. Lo and behold, I got my first comment a couple of seconds after I posted my second entry. Reminiscent of my Livejournal days.
  4. But how and where do I put my ads, you ask? I can’t see any easy way to have ads display on the blog, unless you’d want to insert your code with each post.

More info here: What can you do with

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