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Integrated Cellphone Blogging and User Generated Content

In Nokia expects more user-generated content on mobile Web, “Nokia is expecting that half of web content accessible to mobile phones would be user-generated.”

This is very different from today’s setup where mobile content providers offer material from entertainment, showbiz, sports and other “fixed” content. Does user-generated mobile content make “Mobile 2.0?” Is the Philippine mobile user ready to generate content with the coming of 3G?

To help make this happen, Nokia has tied up with Flickr – owned by Yahoo! – for integrated photoblogging from the Nokia N93, Nokia N73 and Nokia N72. They are catching up with Sony Ericsson, which has previously announced Blogger integration for the K610, K800 and K790.

We previously covered SE’s Cybershot phone and I wondered how we work with the pics on the road. Now the Blogger integration makes sense.

Do you think 3G data rates will let Pinoy consumers make full use of these new phone abilities?

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  • you can send email from a mobile right(2.50/message sent)..? and in blogging (blogger.com in particular), you can update your blog by email too am i correct..? and accessing webpages from mobile is not that new anymore.. so even if the cost of the service tips a little bit towards economical, the question is, why would you read on a regular basis someone elses blog, who’s blog would it be, and how many users would do such..?

    tsaka isa pa, me google adsense ba sa mobile..?

  • I think the Blogger and Flickr integration is more about posting. The services and phone makers still expect you to read the content on the mobile. What they want here is to make it easier for users to produce content.

    Adsense Mobile: some other companies are trying to do that, from what I read.

  • speaking of camera-enabled-flickr thingee, have anybody heard of what eyefi is..? well, its an internet enabled SD CARD.. thats right, SD card in your digital camera (not necessarily celphone-camera) can now upload photos directly from the gadget itself to the printer wirelessly, and even to the net.. article here

  • Yes I read about it. A neat hack, until WiFi becomes standard fare.