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Intel announces next-gen low-power processors, still won’t touch smartphones

At the recent Developer Forum in San Francisco, Intel showcased their 4th generation low-power Intel Core processor family which they say will set a new standard for mobile computing experiences and innovative Ultrabook, convertible and tablet designs. Hybrid laptops, check. Tablets, check. What’s missing are smartphones powered by Intel chips.

width="200"The 4th generation Intel Core processor family is based on the next-generation “œHaswell” microarchitecture and is expected to save power when idle by more than 20 times than their 2nd generation processors while delivering outstanding performance and responsiveness. This new processor family underscores the company’s focus to aggressively drive power consumption down to enable longer battery life and a wave of new, more mobile designs, while delivering ever-increasing processor, graphics and media performance.

When the company’s 22nm 4th generation Intel Core processor family comes to the Ultrabook and other PCs in 2013, it will bring Intel HD graphics support, new instructions for faster encryption and performance, new hardware-based security features and low-power processor sub-states to enable longer battery life.

Coming soon, the next-generation Intel Atom processor (codenamed “œClover Trail”) is a new system-on-chip (SoC) architected specifically for Windows 8, not really Windows Phone 8. Based on Intel’s 32nm process technology, it powers lightweight tablets and convertibles, and includes outstanding battery life and always-on technology in sleek designs.

We don’t know why Intel still won’t take on the SoC for smartphones space which Qualcomm is currently dominating. With this announcement, it’s clear that Intel is currently focused on their Ultrabooks and laptop/tablet hybrid devices in the near future.

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  • Griswold

    gee… for the longest time the people are wondering why intel won’t do smartphones. being a leading chipmaker and all pero wala man lang viable competition to give qualcomm and samsung. sheesh.

    • thejorlanb

      because they are playing catch up game with qualcomm na. though, they have intel powered smartphones na, i think they would like to be the best kapag nagfull roll out na sila.

      saka maiiwan sila pc pag nalingat sila ng saglit sa amd.