Intel Teases their Eighth-Generation of Desktop Processors

Intel Teases their Eighth-Generation of Desktop Processors

Intel just announced the first members of the eighth-generation processors for desktops, fresh off the heels of August’s new laptop chipsets.

A major difference in the eight-generation Intel Core line focuses on increasing the core account across the entire generation. For example, the entry-level i3 increases to four, while the i5 boasts six cores. Lastly, the powerful i7 chipsets tout six cores with hyper-threading. With the hype surrounding these processors, Intel now dubs this lineup the ‘best gaming processor ever’.

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For Intel, these chips will run 32 percent faster, and up to 65 percent faster in terms of video editing. Specifically, the i7-8700k gets the particular moniker of ‘best gaming desktop processor ever’. Expect a USD 30 to 50 increase in price compared to the last generation. These new bad boys of computing will officially launch on October 5th.

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