Intel launches Core i5 processor, hoping to go mainstream

November last year, Intel launched the Core i7 900 series processor which they boast as the fastest processors in the planet due to its breakthrough microarchitecture. However, it was aimed at enthusiasts and hardcore gamers wanting the best PC available.

Core i5

Today they announced the Core i7 800 and the Core i5 700 quad-core processors (codenamed Lynnfield) using the same Nehalem microarchitecture as that of the first Core i7’s but is more geared towards the mainstream desktop. Or so they hope.


The Core i5 750 (2.80GHz) is going to cost you approximately Php10k ““ Php11k while the Core i7 860 (2.80GHz) processor might go for as much as Php16k. Not going to be mainstream for quite a while don’t you think?

Turbo Boost

Both Core i5 750 and Core i7 860 has what they call Turbo Boost which essentially overclocks one of your processor if you’re only using single-threaded applications. The i5 can go up to 3.2GHz and the i7 can go up to 3.46GHz if temperature permits.

No Hyper-Threading Technology for the Core i5 750

The Core i5 750 won’t be getting the Hyper-Threading Technology meaning it won’t be as much energy efficient as that of the Core i7 wherein it can deactivate cores that are needed.

These new Lynnfield processors can really boost the processing power of your system without costing you an arm and a leg unlike the first Core i7. It will still probably cost you half an arm though.


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  • Geeezz. I think I need to upgrade to i7 860. whoa!

  • Cool !! a couple of bucks more and i would have had it darn it i already bought the last core 2 e7400.

  • This product is really good!!
    I like it especially i just only have to wait for few days to get the prodcut.. even though shipping cost is kind of high… generally i satisfy with this product and company!!
    Even though I did not own it for long time..
    i really excite to use it!!

  • The launch of Core i5 is an important step forward for Intel’s desktop line, and Nehalem will dominate the performance of AMD’s offerings for the desktop mainstream.