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Intel launches Negosyantech to help SMBs further their business

Yesterday, Intel launched their integrated marketing campaign called Negosyantech which aims to show small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) the advantages of having a strong online presence and a reliable internal support system.


This campaign is in partnership with leading technology brands in computing such as HP, Acer, Dell, Samsung, and Lenovo, communication giant PLDT, open source architect 8Layer Technologies, and social shopping site Multiply.com.

“œThe presence of the internet and computer technology across all industries continues to impact the growth potential of SMBs. With PCs at the heart of every business, Intel is working collaboratively with our partners to provide small to medium sized businesses with the computing requirements they need to deliver new products to market,” said Intel Philippines business development manager Carlo Subido. “œFrom complex business processes to e-commerce applications support, Negosyantech offers reliable solutions for netbooks, desktops, notebooks, ultrabooks and servers based on Intel Architecture depending on the customer’s needs.”

Negosyantech’s ultimate goal is to provides solutions that create a link between front-end and back-end systems by giving entrepreneurs a range of offerings that not only allow them to interact directly with their customers, but also ensures that their business processes run smoothly and productively through reliable technology.


To address back-end requirements, Intel collaborated with open source architect 8layer Technologies, Inc. to design software applications that achieve cost-effective, easy to use business solutions that grow with the entrepreneur. In line with Negosyantech’s objectives, 8layer launched the Kasosyo Apps Suite, a software solution designed specifically for micro and small businesses. The suite includes a sales, inventory and cash flow application that keeps entrepreneurs updated on the health of their business. Kasosyo Apps Suite is available as a stand-alone software box package.

To address front-end requirements, Intel partnered with social shopping site Multiply.com to provide SMBs with an e-commerce platform through which they can access a nationwide market. Having evolved from a social media site into one of the top e-commerce sites in the country today, Multiply.com’s vast expertise and success in the local e-commerce space is a testament to the advantages of having a strong online presence. Multiply.com now has over 127,000 merchants selling on the site, with over 2,500 online shops open month on month, and continues to connect emerging entrepreneurs to business success.

Intel also collaborated with telecommunications giant Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT) to be the communications and information provider for Negosyantech.

Intel is currently holding Negosyantech roadshows for interested entrepreneurs to further educate them on how to take their business to the next level. Follow Negosyantech on Twitter for the updates and announcements.

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