Intel lowers prices on SSD drives in time for the holidays

If you’ve read reviews on the new MacBook Air, you will learn that it’s blazing fast. Faster than the MacBook Pro at times even if the Air has a much slower processor. It’s because the MacBook Air is equipped with an SSD (solid-state drive) which can help improve overall system performance by up to 56%.

Intel SSD drive

The problem with SSDs is the expensive price tag and which also prevents it from reaching mainstream. However, Intel recently lowered the prices on its SSD product line in time for the holiday-buying season so if you want to feel the speed of these drives, now is the right time.

SSDs can replace or complement a traditional hard drive in a notebook or desktop PC and deliver noticeably faster computer performance when booting up, opening files and running software applications. With no moving parts, these SSDs deliver greater reliability and consume less power than conventional hard disk drives (HDDs).

You can opt for the 40GB SSD and use it as a “œboot drive” along with program files and retain your HDD for your data files. Even with that setup you can already feel the speed when booting Windows or launching applications.

Here’s the current prices of Intel SSDs in the local market (courtesy of PCExpress).

  • Intel 40gb Solid State Drive ““ Php5,000
  • Intel 80gb Solid State Drive  – Php9,500
  • Intel 160gb Solid State Drive  – Php17,950

The new, bang-for-the-buck 120GB version ($239) still has to make its way here in our country.

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