Intel Macs diluting the Apple brand?

We’ve all seen how successful Apple turned out even after they left IBM and partnered with Intel. The Macbook Pro proved much faster than its predecessors. The Mac Mini now comes in two flavors — Core Solo and Core Duo — and has evolved not only as an affordable and portable species but also into a media center. Thanks to new features such as the iSight, IR remote and plug-and-play connectivity with other wireless devices within your living room.

However, despite the raves Apple has been getting, the move to Intel processors may have some drawbacks, i.e. diluting the exclusivity flare. We will now see whether it is indeed the leading edge technology, the stable and and powerful softwares or the Operating System (i.e. OSX) that makes people keep on buying Macs?

Sooner or later, we will see hybrid systems such as Windows XP running on a Mac Mini or a Macbook Pro (as reported here) or how about running OS X on a PC.

I am inclined to believe that we’ll see more people adopting the latter. And, with all these hybrids popping out in the near future, it makes one think that it would dilute the brand and exclusivity that Apple has been espousing for decades.

Having said that, and by making the Mac OS available to the regular PC users, there is a great potential that the future of Apple is in the software market. That’s the only way Apple can significantly increase its share of the market.

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  • ppdolina

    i doubt it’ll erode Apple’s brand because Apple charges a slight premium over other makers. Not to mention people tend to keep to habit with the computing needs.