Intel Nervana is Intel's Biggest Foray into Artificial Intelligence
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Intel Nervana is Intel’s Biggest Foray into Artificial Intelligence

The current wave of AI integrating into everyday tech hit almost all the big brands, except for Intel. That changes with the announcement of the Intel Nervana Neural Network Processor (NNP) family.



Acting first as a response to the needs of machine learning, Intel Nervana works best for data centers instead of personal machines. This sentiment becomes more apparent in the growing demand for chipsl ike the Nirvana, by major companies. Overall, Intel Nervana aims to achieve faster training time for deep learning models.

Unfortunately, all we have is guesswork when it comes to specifics. Intel currently refuses to reveal just how much faster the Nervana will process, in comparison to its competitors. However, we do know that Intel now walks the path towards the goal of improving deep learning training speeds by a hundredfold, once we hit the year 2020. No word either on whether the Nervana will come to consumer markets. But all things considered, this is a bold new move from the chipset-making giant.

Be sure to check out the official Intel Nervana website for more info.

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