Intel pushes case for new breed of laptops called ultrabooks

Back in 2009, Intel changed the way people perceived the laptop with their Atom processor. Before, laptops were more of a business device or a luxury item that not a lot of people have access to. When the Atom arrived, low-cost portable laptops called netbooks quickly found its way to a lot of households and student’s knapsacks.

Now Intel is changing the mobile computing landscape again with the introduction of Ultrabooks. These are full-sized notebooks that are extremely light and sleek but still powerful enough for your daily computing needs. Something you could definitely bring with your anywhere.


Invasion of Ultrabooks at the IDF 2011 showing Windows 8

If Apple has MacBook Air, PC users will now get to choose from a variety of their own Ultrabooks from vendors. Today’s Ultrabooks are powered by the 2nd Generation Intel Core processor so you don’t have to skimp on apps that you can run unlike the case of the netbooks. They will come in range of sleek form factors and will wake up almost instantly using Intel Rapid Start technology.

I suggest waiting for the next wave of Ultrabooks that will be coming our way on 2012 if you can. These future Ultrabooks will have the 3rd generation Intel Core processor (codenamed “Ivy Bridge”). Aside from better performance, energy efficiency and more powerful graphics, Ivy Bridge will be the first to take advantage of the unique, Intel “ā€œ McAfee chip-level security solution that will provide device and data protection for consumers such as device lock, data wipe and location tracking.

At the recently held Intel Development Forum in San Francisco, Intel demonstrated a new laptop power-saving technology that limits screen refreshes when the Ultrabook screen is static, thereby saving energy. LG Display, a leading panel vendor, will be one of the first to bring a power-optimized panel self refresh display to market for Ultrabooks using its Shuriken Technology that features edge to edge design, smaller footprint and low power.

According to Intel:

The Ultrabook vision is a multi-year, industry-wide effort that will roll out in three phases. Eden said phase one is in process and will be realized this holiday season with the introduction of the first Ultrabook devices, while phase two will begin with the launch of Intel’s 3rd generation Core processors in the first half of 2012. In 2013, Intel will introduce its next-generation, 22nm “Haswell” processor, signaling phase three of the transition to Ultrabook devices.

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  • Cindy

    I wonder how much is the starting price of ultrabooks

    • good question. i would think somewhere in the range of a macbook air so it won’t be for everybody unlike the netbook.

      • ralpy

        If the price is between 20k – 30k..Then this will be my next computer..:D

  • Romar

    do i see it right? ang nipis @[email protected]

    • Griswold

      yup… ninipis mga yan. pero baka yung presyo nasa 50k isa. šŸ™