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Intel reveals the next Atom chip codenamed Oak Trail

During the Intel HP Synergy 2010 in Club Paradise, Palawan, Intel revealed their plans for their tiny performer that is the Atom chip.

Intel Atom Not known to many people, the Intel Atom can be found in a whole lot of devices not just on netbooks (Atom N-series). For example, the CE-series Atom is being used in TVs and the Intel Atom codenamed Tunnel Creek is an embedded solution making its way to a lot of business and industrial devices such as POS, ATMs, self-service terminals, PBX, etc.

Care to guess where the new Intel Atom will be heading next? Codenamed Oak Trail, this new Atom will make its way to tablet devices and super-thin netbooks with Windows, MeeGo and Android as OS of choice. Unlike Pine Trail (Atom N550), the new Oak Trail platform will be sporting the Lincroft system-on chip that can decode up to 1080p video and is expected to last longer on a single charge.

Looks like it’s going to be the year of tablet next year. I also learned that the Atom chip will be making its way into smartphones around the same time as the tablets. Let’s just wait for further developments.

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