Intel will be dropping the “Pentium”

Intel has made a final decision to get rid of one of its oldest and most valuable brands, sources told TG Daily: “Pentium,” unveiled in 1993 for its P5 processor generation, will begin to quietly disappear in the current CPU generation such as the single-core 600 series as well as the D 800 and D 900 families.

The “Pentium” brand has been one of the most recognizable names in the technology world. Intel dropping the brand is something I don’t really understand. They spent millions coming up with that cool name and building it up. It’s a strong name brand which I believe the common folks associate with speed.

The decision to depart from an established brand always is risky, but Kevin Krewell, principal analyst with In-Stat/MDR and editor in chief of the Microprocessor Report, suggests that the Pentium naming tradition was becoming old, confusing and desperately needed a refreshment.

But a new brand would be much more confusing, IMO. I guess the MHz war is totally over now.

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  • “Intel Core” + Intel Macs = “Apple Core”

  • Baka they think it’s satanist or something…

  • well why not with the new names no more p4 something, i read that some site awhile back that they have new numbering system for their dual core processors and others.

  • Magsalin

    Ahaaaa! Name Branding.

    Well if they are going to change it or they did already. They have a strong reason behind it. but I hope that it doesnt backfires. Remember Computer Associates (the company that brought you the Clipper programming language) they change to CA (Ok thats a company name). Novell Netware to IntraNetware, I’ve heard things got out of hand during that name change and change it back to Netware. And again, instead of Novell Netware 7 they will launch it as “Open Enterprise Server”

    Lets just wait until this new shift will show success or say “See, I told you so.”

  • uplink

    well. fancy names doesnt matter. what matters most is the performance. whatever aspect you look at it, AMD athlon still beats intel’s procs. 😀