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Intel’s vPro Technology makes case for BYOD policy

Based on a recent survey by Intel, CIOs in Asia are becoming increasingly aware of employees bringing their own device into the workplace. The trend in the workplace also includes a wide range of innovative devices in the market and new cloud computing services being employed. And these trends are challenging IT departments across the region.

Organizations must re-think the entire approach to end-user computing or risk becoming out-of-date. But according to the survey, before these trends can be addressed inside the organization, there are at least three requirements that should be met ““ security, manageability, and remote wipe capabilities.

Intel’s vPro technology is aimed to address these needs. It is a set of security and manageability capabilities built into the 3rd generation Intel Core vPro processor family, the Intel Xeon processor E3-1200 v2 family, Intel chipsets, and network adapters that simplify and accelerate these four critical IT functions.

intel remote management

 Intel vPro remote management at the BIOS level

Intel vPro processor-based PCs or workstations provide the following features:

  • Built-in features that help lower total cost of ownership – provides capabilities through Intel Active Management Technology (Intel AMT), Intel Virtualization Technology (Intel VT),and Intel Trusted Execution Technology (Intel TXT). Together, these technologies deliver hardware support for advanced management functions, virtualization, and platform security enabling solutions that help: reduce cost of service, provide greater software flexibility, and provide more security.
  • Prevent attacks below the operating system – protects against difficult-to-detect, penetrating rootkits and malware that threaten users working in cloud or virtual environments by employing Intel Trusted Execution Technology and Intel Virtualization Technology. It also enables hardware-based virtualization for PCs or workstations using Intel Virtualization technology for centralized image management and administration, secure network storage, and out-of-band protection””all beyond the firewall.
  • Strengthen authentication and protect passwords – Intel vPro technology features Intel Identity Protection Technology (Intel IPT),which provides several critical built-in defenses, including an embedded one-time password, built-in public key infrastructure (PKI), and protected transaction display.
  • Protect confidential business, employee, and customer information – while Intel IPT helps to ensure that user identity is protected with a unique computer-generated token if the computer is lost or stolen, Intel Anti-Theft Technology allows IT to remotely lock down the computer, protecting both the user’s identity and corporate data.
  • Respond to security breaches with speed and agility – embedded in hardware, Intel vPro technology capabilities are accessed and administered separately from the hard drive, OS, and software applications””in a pre-boot environment.

The Intel vPro processor is now being supported by a wide range of business devices from Ultrabooks and tablets, aside from desktop PCs and laptops.

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