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Intermec reveals new super printer and scanner families

Intermec, a leading supply chain technology provider, recently revealed their latest Super Series Family of Printers, designed for retail and healthcare environments.


First they introduced the SG20 family of handheld scanners which features the industry’s fastest 2D imaging technology designed to meet the needs of healthcare information management systems. It can provide more than 50 times the motion tolerance of competitor scanners which is suited for countertop applications in the retail and healthcare market.

The PR Series of mobile printers are the smallest, lightest and most durable printers in its class used for mobile receipt and invoice printing applications. It can be comfortably worn via a belt clip, a belt hoop or a shoulder strap by mobile field professionals. This is the only printer that offers optional integrated PCI-compatible MSR with AES encryption.


For desktop printers, Intermec announced the new PC Series printers designed for light duty labelling applications. These printers offer the fastest throughput in its class at eight inches per second and are also compactly built for space-constrained settings. It is also the easiest to install and use and has a modular design which enables future upgrades for investment purposes. It also features remote status updates with other Intermec tools to minimize downtime.


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