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Internet Explorer still the number one web browser

If you didn’t read the title, would you say that the number one web browser is still Internet Explorer?

browser market share

According to NetMarketShare statistics, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer grabbed 57% of web browser market share to close 2010. Mozilla’s Firefox is far down at number two with a 22.8% market share. However, both browsers got into a decline as 2010 ended as a handful of surfers switched to Google Chrome. Chrome started 2010 with a 5.2% market share and ended it at 10%.

Are you one of those who switched to Chrome? I am after experiencing that Chrome handles Flash games better than Firefox does. But wow, IE has a really huge lead which comes to no surprise when it’s bundled with Windows OS installation.

So which browser are you using?

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  • Internet Explorer is a nifty little program that I use to download Firefox and Chrome. I wonder how else am I gonna do it without Internet Explorer. Thank you Microsoft for your great program.

  • Win

    I use Opera. I never liked Chrome. It feels too…. dull… naked… empty. I’ve been using Firefox since… I don’t know when. I tried out Opera when Opera 10.5 came out, and I never came back to Firefox again. It’s just so feature-rich. I even use Opera Mail. I have 7 browsers installed (IE9Beta, Safari, Flock, Rockmelt, Chrome, Firefox, Opera), and I’ve used them all. To be honest, I even prefer IE9 over Chrome sometimes.

    I’m waiting for Firefox 4 stable and see if it can change my mind. I suggest you guys try Opera 11. It’s the most underrated browser, seriously.

  • Firefox is much better the IE

  • patrick

    i used safari for my pc and mac…it is just simple..simple interface, simple color but powerful not like any other browsers out there…

  • Ferdinand A.

    I can’t afford a Mac but I can download and use Safari for free 🙂

    • No One Knows

      well yeah, but Safari sucks.

  • Jerico

    I use Chrome on my Mac and PC

  • I do agree. Internet explorer is still the number browser being used by computer users around the world.

  • i use chromes chromium, google’s chrome original opensource and everything works really fine.

  • Anton

    I’m currently using Maxthon 3.