Internet Philippines Aggregator

While I was checking for the links how people found my blog, I found this interesting aggregator. The site is dubbed as Internet Philippines Aggregator: Blogs and News. They have a tag line, “Bringing together the country’s best blogs and news”. What’s interesting is that they have provided a sidebar that lists the Technorati Rankings in which I believe is yet to be updated. Most of the blogs listed are known in the Philippine blogosphere. The main part of the page consists of excerpts from blogs while the others are from Inq7.Net’s news.

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  • Umm… I think that’s one of the pet projects of Migs.

  • It’s an experiment. Using the stock config of Roller Weblogger – if you want to run your own. The Technorati rankings don’t even work. Of course it’s just a preview of things to come…

  • hey guys! was surfing around the net for Philippine gadget reviews and found your website! Great work!

  • Whoa! I’ve never heard about Internet Philippines Aggregator. Looking forward for regarding this. Great work. Two thumbs up..

  • pasyalna

    Here's a new Online site Aggregator for the latest and trending news In the Philippines.