Introducing ‘Globe Community’

Last week, bloggers were invited to be among the first few to learn about Globe Community, an online channel for Globe and even non-Globe subscribers to share personal experiences about Globe’s wide range of products and services, whether it may be about their network itself, postpaid, prepaid, broadband, mobile applications and even TM-related topics.


Globe Community is an initiative to create a customer-focused environment and build stronger relationships by soliciting insights from the community members. As with any forum site, Globe Community allows its members to discuss issues, ideas and suggestions about topics related to the products and services of Globe through the three main sections of the forum: Explore, Answer and Learn. Registration can be either via email or signing in using their Facebook accounts.

Globe encourages high participation in the community by incentivizing users for certain activities, which they get by unlocking new features in the site. Upon registration, users are assigned the entry level status “œNew Pupil” and as they become more active in the community, they move up the ranks, which corresponds to certain privileges and rewards from Globe.

Globe Community also features the ‘thumbs up’ button that increases your popularity in the site whenever you provide the best answer to a thread. This gamification strategy aims to grow the community organically by motivating members to share only relevant and useful experiences and solutions to other members.

Not only that this community is open to all, this also allows its members to directly get information from Globe specialists and employees themselves, especially when a particular topic requires their expertise.

Register at Globe Community via:

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  • Jay

    Oh my. The things I would like to share. I wonder if Globe would even bother to listen to what we subscribers have to say.

  • Give us what we paid for! (SGN2 Plan 1799 subscriber here)
    Make the fast connection stable! ;))