Introducing Lenovo’s ultrabook, the IdeaPad U300s

The Lenovo U-series notebooks are typically thin and light but Lenovo took things a bit further with the newest offering. Joining the ultrabook scene is the thinner-than-MacBook Air Lenovo IdeaPad U300s which sports a 0.6 inch thin body anyway you look at it. For comparison, the MacBook Air is 0.7″ at it’s thickest part but tapers to a sharper and thinner edge.


Ultrabooks. These are the next generation thin and light inspired by Apple’s MacBook Air. The Lenovo IdeaPad U300s is a 13-inch ultra-slim notebook that can be equipped with up to Intel’s 2nd generation Core i7 ULV processor. The 4GB DDR3 and up to 256GB SSD will make sure you’re getting super smooth and quick response from this portable notebook. Coupled with Lenovo’s Enhanced Experience 2.0 RapidDrive SSD technology, you can start using it at the quickest time possible with a blazing fast 10.5 second boot time and wake from sleep.

It also has your usual premium device features like Bluetooth, high-speed 802.11n Wi-Fi, USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 connectors, HDMI out, as well as an integrated 1.3M (720p HD) webcam. Only thing missing is a backlit keyboard but this one’s spill-proof hence the tradeoff.

Taking design cues from Apple, this gorgeously slim notebook is made from a single piece of aluminum shell to create a sleek and lightweight product weighing in at less than 2.9 pounds. It also has a familiar-looking glass touchpad. It comes in Graphite Grey or limited-edition Clementine Orange which is sandblasted for a scratch-resistant coating. It’s Lenovo’s most attractive looking laptop yet.

Lenovo is claiming up to 8 hours battery life and a freakishly long 30 days on standby. And with Lenovo RapidCharge its battery can be charged to 50% capacity in just 30 minutes.

Aside from the U300s, Lenovo also announced the other two U-series notebook, the U300 and U400 which is quite similar in design with the Lenovo Ideapad U260 we reviewed before. The U300 and U400 laptops come with 2nd generation Intel Core processors and feature boot up times of under 17 seconds thanks to optional RapidDrive SSD technology. The  U300 features a 13.3″ HD display while the U400 has a 14″ HD display and AMD Radeon HD5470M 1GB graphics. Both models can be specified with up to 8GB DDR3 memory, up to 1TB HDD storage and up to 256GB SSD storage. The U400 also has an integrated slot-loading DVD-RW drive.

Lenovo’s new ultrabooks are set to arrive here from October onwards. No word yet on possible local pricing but in the US, the starting price for the U300s is set at $1,195 while the U300 and U400 are priced at $799 and $849 respectively. I know, that U300s is a bit pricey but it’s at par with the 13-inch MacBook Air which has a starting price of $1,200.

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  • Griswold

    mmmmm i want this one… mahal nga lang. pero still this looks really nice!!

    • Griswold

      Hmmm Samsung Series 9 or ito?

      • Hmmm touch choice. maganda rin yung pagkagawa sa Series 9. pero mas mura ito so i would go with this one.

    • George Anderson

      Yeah Mahal nga pero It looks great. I like it.

  • mary


    I think it would be more fair to compare u300’s price with the 13″ MBA which is $1,299 instead of the 11″ one. 🙂

    • actually i’ve thought about that. pero when i wrote naisip ko in terms of owning a laptop that’s thin as mba regardless of screen size. pero sige, i think most people will probably compare it to the mba 13. thanks!

      • mary

        Oh, that’s also another way of comparing things.

        I’m not aware of the models’ thickness so I just went for screensize. 😀

        To add to the discussion, I’d love to have that limited edition, orange ultrabook.

  • SpiderWak

    so.. which do you think is better? UX31, Z830, or U300s?


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