Introducing the iPhone

Could this be the perfect gadget for cellphone and music-crazy Filipinos? Here’s a quick feature list of Apple’s iPhone (Rokr) from Gizmodo:

  • 100 song capacity
  • quad band GSM phone
  • color screen
  • built-in camera
  • stereo speakers
  • mobile headset
  • one button access to iTunes
  • USB 2.0 connection for file transfers
  • random autofill or manuall fill

I doubt it’ll top the 21 million iPod sales record though.

More iPhone coverage at BBC and Engadget.

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  • For Pinoys, would that be iTunes Music Store or iTiangge Music Stand?

  • bluedemon

    Is this Iphone available here in our country? How much it cost?

  • minor

    are you talking about the ‘Rokr phone’?

  • Yes, the Rokr. I just read in CNET that the Singapore edition will only support 50 songs instead of the US 100.

  • rielle1986

    help, i’ am planning to have my iphone bought in the US, would it work here in the Philippines.