iOS 5 successfully jailbroken

Well would you look at that. It seems that Apple wasn’t able to patch the hole from the iOS 4.3 making the recently announced iOS 5 still jailbrekable.

Using the iOS 5 available to developers, MuscleNerd of the iPhone Dev Team has posted pictures on his twitter account confirming the current jailbreak works fine on iOS 5, albeit a tethered one.


See the photo above? The new Reminders and Newsstand App is comfortable co-existing with Cydia. Of course, the iOS 5 is still in beta and Apple will still have time to figure out how to patch the OS before it becomes available this fall. But the real test for the jailbreak team is to crack the code on the iPad 2 which currently still has no jailbreak.

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  • face

    hi. just want to ask sa tiny umbrella, how would you save a blob? do you need pa to connect the ipad sa pc? tska tama po bang uncheck ko yung sa advanced option na “set host to cydia exit(if you need a clean restore from apple unchecked this box)
    tsaka overwrite existing SHSH files on ” save SHSH”

    is this really compulsary to do? or still I can Jailbreak the future supported fw but cannot go back thats why Ill wait the next JB update right?(if shsh blobs arent save) thank you!!!!

    • yes you need to connect to PC. you only need to save your blob if in the future you want to downgrade to a lower iOS.

    • face

      pero will it effect yung idevice? or will it save something on the device(codes) itself na pwedeng madiscover if ever or same din sya ng jailbreak na untraceable?

      could i use it anytime or pwede lang kapag nag sa sign parin sa particular FW yung apple? or kapag po ba may bago ng IOS di na ba sya pwede maka save ng old FW and magamit in the future?

      last na po, leave as is ko po ba yung configuration setting on the advance tab? thank you for giving time on this comment salamat!!!