iOS App Feature: SuperShare, shares between iOS devices via WiFi or Bluetooth

For iPhone users out there, we pretty much know that despite all that sleek phone design, great camera, premium applications, retina display and among the other things that we love about it, there’s that certain caveat that we have to face – and that is the absence of sharing your files to a fellow iPhone user.

Despite that limitation, we do seem to have grown accustomed to it but let’s face it, you’d still want to have the convenience of sharing your files. So I was able to run into an app that may solve your sharing woes. Introducing, the SuperShare app.

width="450"The SuperShare app is a very nifty application that enables you to share all your files (well except your from your device through Bluetooth or WiFi. Also, the device that you’re going to share to should also have the Supershare app installed so this is pretty limited for iOS users only. Oh and it also comes available in iPad. I’ve just had a run through a while ago, and it works perfectly fine.

Start the SuperShare fileserver to share a file, once the recipient/s receives a file, just click on it and use the Open In action to load it into his favorite app for that filetype.

The app can be bought for $1.09 but this is FREE for a very limited time so you may want to grab your phone and start downloading now!

  • DriftSpeed

    Sir, may link ka kung san pwede download? Paid na sya sa Appstore and wala na rin sa Installous e 🙂

    • sorry man… bilis lang pala matapos.

    • Carl

      Download mo AppsGoneFree. Nakafeature lahat dyan yung mga apps na nagiging free for a limited time. Dyan ko nahanap yung Supershare. 😉

  • How hard is it to just email the file?

    • it’s hard if you want to transfer huge files like PDF mags or videos, or if you want to transfer them to a number of people. with this, you can just leave the service open (or password protected) and people can access your shared files.

    • Carl

      Also, you can’t email multiple files, photos or videos at once so this comes in really handy.

  • This app is good!