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IP-Converge pushes cloud computing to local businesses

Cloud computing seems to be where the future of business operations is headed and we’ve been hearing about it a lot these days.

IP-Converge is the country’s first and only publicly-listed Internet Data Center and Cloud Services Provider and they are helping set the stage for a cloud-based Philippines, especially for small and medium enterprises.

So what is cloud computing and how will it affect your business? Well imagine you don’t have the resources to acquire and maintain critical IT infrastructure for your business. You can’t afford to get another server just to host your Microsoft SharePoint or you don’t want to be bothered with the nuances of maintaining and supporting a mail exchange server. So what can you do? You go with cloud.

IP-Converge is a cloud service provider which can host IT services needed by your company and you only pay based on operational expenses. Cutting capital expenditures for things that your company won’t be able to maximize. They also do migration, support and maintenance for you. For sensitive services, you can still opt to have in-housed while mundane but necessary services you can host on the cloud to cut on expenses.


IP-Converge President Rene Huergas leads the launch of IP-Converge's "Think Out Cloud" cloud computing advocacy campaign.

Known for their “boutique approach”, IP-Converge offers products in pay-as-you-use scheme, making their services affordable and attractive to SMEs because you will only be paying for that you need. Talk about flexibility.

“It has always been IP-Converge’s vision to empower Philippines businesses, both big and small, and make them leaders in their own industries,” said IP-Converge president Rene Huergas. By their cloudvocacy campaign dubbe “Think Out Cloud”, IP-Converge hopes that CEOs and CIOs will realize how their businesses can achieve higher productivity and significant savings.

IP-Converge is one of the IT companies today that are in the best position to offer cloud services in the country, being currently peered with major domestic and international Internet exchanges in the Asia Pacific. They are both telco and vendor-agnositc.

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  • Griswold

    The problem I see with cloud computing is for existing companies na may stable infra na. how will they ensure na magiging smooth ang transition? what will they do with machines na hindi nila kailangan especially those servers if they’re going to move things to the cloud.

  • YO

    seems interesting, sr. did htc lowered the price of HTC Mozart?? it’s already 14k+

  • rotero

    i need reference please!