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IP e-Games and PhilStar.com brings NBA.com to the Philippines

If you’ve been watching the NBA Playoffs on BTV, you’ve probably seen NBA superstars welcoming us Filipinos. So what’s that all about you ask? It’s just that there will now be a local version of NBA.com as approved by NBA commissioner David Stern and brought by IP e-Games and PhilStar.com.


NBA, IP e-Game and PhilStar.com recently launched NBA.com Philippines at the SMX Convention Center. Here we learned an interesting tidbit, it seems that Philippines is the third largest traffic generator for NBA.com. Following US and China, Philippines makes up the third largest traffic source for the official NBA site and this showed how huge of a market we are, hence the creation of NBA.com Philippines.


What can you expect from the site? Aside from the usual NBA news, videos, photos you will find in the original NBA.com site, the local site will features commentary from Filipino journalists such as Philippine Star columnist Quinito Henson, and sports blogger Rick Olivares. Information on NBA events in the country will also be highlighted on the site. Aspiring sportswriters can also contribute to the site if they wish to share their recaps, thoughts, opinions about the NBA, games, and its players.


(L-R) Carlo Singson - NBA Philippines Country Manager, Enrique Gonzalez - CEO of IP Ventures Inc., Kevin Belmonte - President and CEO of Philstar.com

“The NBA has a long history in the Philippines, and we are always looking to deliver bigger and better experiences to our Filipino NBA fans,” said Carlo Singson, Country Manager – Philippines, NBA Asia.

“By launching a localized NBA.com website, we aim to enrich the experience for NBA fans in the Philippines, as well as expand the overall fan base,” added Enrique Gonzalez, CEO, IP Ventures Inc.

“It’s a great honor to be a part of this endeavor, knowing that we will be helping Filipino fans get their regular dose of NBA content – this time through NBA.com Philippines,” said Kevin Belmonte, President and CEO, Philstar.com.


The event was hosted by Jinno Rufino and Lia Cruz who gave away premium prizes to attendees. They even had ex-Chicago Bulls center Luc Longley make an appearance and answer questions from basketball fans.

The NBA.com Philippines is the 13th international web destination with the first, nba.com/Japan, being launched in 1999. To visit NBA.com Philippines, head over to http://ph.nba.com.  You can also follow them over at @NBA_Philippines and like the NBA Philippines Facebook page.

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  • Griswold

    hmm i really don’t get it why they need to have a local website for nba.com. as if kelangan natin ng translation. pwede na kahit twitter and fb na lang eh for local events and announcements.

    • JmBalicano

      Lol, yeah. It’s all just the same information being ported from the main site, although there are some local writers too. Not sure how much of a Filipino spin they could put on things..

  • Lau Beruin

    napakalaki niya! parang camera magic ang dating nung pic! XD

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