iPad 2 is now official, what changed?

Apple finally revealed the highly-anticipated successor to their iPad and a lot of people are already excited about it and can’t wait for the March 11 release in the US. If you’re curious as to how much it changed from the original iPad, you would be surprised that there’s not a lot. However, despite the few changes, these are major ones that would most likely make the owners of an original iPad get the iPad 2.

Major changes

Apple made a few but big changes on their iPad 2. It’s now faster and more powerful, has a front and rear cam, thinner and lighter, and it also inherited the gyroscope from the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G. Basically that’s it.

The iPad 2 now sports a dual-core 1GHz Apple A5 processor which would greatly boost the performance of applications and games. There’s nothing wrong really with the original iPadĀ  in terms of speed but you would feel a teeny bit of delay every once in a while and this boost in processing power is a welcome upgrade. It’s not the fastest processor around though as upcoming Android tablets have dual-cores already clocking at 1.5GHz.


Front and rear cam on the iPad makes it usable for Facetime. Right now, Facetime doesn’t get much practical use since devices supporting it are limited. Putting Facetime on the iPad 2 makes sense for Apple. However, I’m thinking that people would still prefer Skype over it.

You probably won’t use the iPad as a camera a lot so don’t make a big deal out of the iPad 2’s fixed focus camera which is similar to that of the iPod Touch 4G. It’s not a good shooter but there are lot of apps that can make shooting photos with it fun, and it’s very decent for recording videos if you don’t mind looking funny while recording with it.


What I really like about the iPad 2 is that they made it thinner and lighter. The old iPad was rather bulky and the weight was very noticeable that holding it for a prolonged time (like when showing your photos) can put a strain on your wrist. The iPad 2 has a slim 8.8mm form and is 79g lighter than the original iPad.

Gyroscope was included to make some games, especially racing, more engaging and fun.

That’s pretty much about it. Battery life is still the same. Unfortunately, so is the display. It’s still stuck at a 1024 x 768 resolution with the IPS LCD technology for better viewing angles. No retina display. No SD card slot although it now has an HDMI out for Apple to make money off proprietary dongles.

ipad smart cover

The iPad Smart Cover looks awesome though but it will be sold separately as an accessory. Way better than the original iPad’s folio.



The iPad 2 will start shipping on March 11th in the US with the following pricing:

WiFi + 3G$629$729$829

Specs comparison

Here’s the side by side specs comparison of the original iPad and the iPad 2:

iPadiPad 2
LED-backlit IPS LCD
LED-backlit IPS LCD
Resolution1024 x 7681024 x 768
Processor1GHz Apple A41GHz dual-core Apple A5
Storage16GB / 32GB / 64GB16GB / 32GB / 64GB
Cameranonefront (VGA), rear (720p)
Network DataEDGE plus triband HSPAEDGE plus quadband HSPA
Bluetooth2.1 + EDR2.1 + EDR
Weight680g (WiFi)601g (WiFi)
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  • Harley Son

    love it!

  • I haven’t purchased iPad 1 yet and now there’s a version 2 already! I can’t cope up with the pace of technology šŸ™

    • hehehe march 11 pre-order sa US. are you getting one? Or waiting for it to land in the Phils.?

  • Holy moly, a whole 79 grams weight reduction. I mean come on, they can do better then that. I don’t know why apple keeps release this stuff with a different number, because changing only the processor, adding an extra camera and cutting on the weight means like an upgrade to the last product.

    I think Apple is actually doing all this +1 (with the iPhone, iPad etc) so that it gives people the impression they are buying a whole new product when in fact is an upgrade to same thing.

  • Marcus

    I think its up to par with the upcoming tablets based on processor speed. The 1.5 GHz tablets you may be pertaining to are the new HTC 7″ tablet which only have a single core CPU, and motorola’s xoom which only reached 1.5 GHz when overclocked.

    • hmm i think you’re right about that one. I got mixed up with processor chips of tablets and next-gen smartphones. i was thinking about the TI OMAP4 processor but that’s being used in phones ATM. although HP Touchpad do have a 1.2GHz dual-core in it.

  • Ipad2 For the Win! hehehe even if iPad drop it’s price I still would not buy it. (unless somebody gives me one) iPad 2 is definitely way to go.

  • One question, since iPad 2 Wifi only is much cheaper compared to 3G+Wifi, which one would you most probably get? the wifi only or the 3G+Wifi ipad 2?

    • i already have a huawei e5 to share internet to my wireless devices so i’d get the ipad 2 wifi only.

  • It appears that the iPad 2 is the hottest and newest gadget on stores. I would say that it’s great. I mean, there is still room for improvement, but I think that we could say this anytime, no matter of how advanced is the technology. So I believe that they did a cool job!


    is there a possibility for ipad (1st gen) price to go down? I am planning to buy one(in PHL)

  • jaomadn

    How much is the Brand new ipad 1 16Gb wifi only right now..is 18,000 Pisos right now.