iPad 2 set to be revealed on March 2

It’s official folks, Apple will be revealing their newest iPad on March 2.

ipad launch

“œCome to see what 2011 will be the year of.” A bold statement but if any device can back it up. it will be the iPad 2. Those who skipped the first iPad will most probably get one of these and those who had the first iPad would probably want to upgrade to the iPad 2, including myself.

I’m not sure if a lot of people would be excited anymore about this announcement with all those leaks going out. The new iPad is expected to be thinner, lighter, will have more RAM, a faster CPU and more powerful graphics processor. The display resolution would still be the same but it will have both rear and front camera. We’ll just have to wait for the exact specifications but you can’t find anything bad with those specs.

So when will it arrive in the country? I personally don’t know but the first iPad was introduced last year in January, was out in the US market in March, and finally landed officially in the Philippines last December. However, if this rumored delay turns out to be true, then we probably won’t see it in our Apple stores this year considering there’s a big possibility that there could be shortages of the new iPad 2 in the short run.

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  • I haven’t purchased iPad 1 yet, and now this? I’ll be totally left behind 🙁

    • ok yan! jump to iPad 2.