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iPad 2 won’t land on February, SD slot confirmed

Despite earlier prediction from various tech sites including Digg founder Kevin Rose that the next generation iPad will be released in February 2011, reports from more accurate sources says that it will land around April which is the same time the first iPad was released.

ipad 2

Another confirmed prediction based on new iPad cases popping early is the SD card slot. Yes, the new iPad will indeed have an SD card slot, not a USB port as was also rumored. No news whether the SD card slot can only accept photo files (like the camera connection kit) but I’m sure there are ingenious people out there who can make the SD card support more flexible.

So what do we have so far? iPad 2 will still be having the 10-inch form, a slimmer design thanks to its tapered edges (similar to the iPod Touch), a front and rear camera to support Facetime and a super-high resolution that’s not quite Retina Display but still an improvement from the first generation. There’s still no concrete word on the processor but it would be really nice if it will pack Apple’s new A5 multi-core chip that’s reported to be on the iPhone 5.

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  • Even how long it takes..I will wait..! “Ipad” you’ll definitely fall on my hands.

  • Hope this new version of Apple Ipad would be worth the wait!

  • ICeman

    how much is this on the market??

  • I’d better wait for HP’s TouchPad. It might take a while for it to get here but the OS is really great.