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iPad 3 exhibits WiFi issues, Apple investigates and offers replacement

One of the advantages of being a country not having the latest gadgets first is that we get to see how the product pans out especially if there are problems with it.

Such is the case of Apple’s iPad 3 where despite the overwhelming sales, we’ve seen common issues reported by users. The overheating problem was not that bad, the overcharging was clearly explained, but this WiFi problem seems a bit more serious.


On WiFi versions of the iPad 3, users are experiencing intermittent connection or weak signals, slow WiFi speeds, and sometimes not able to detect WiFi networks. This problem seems to affect WiFi models only, not the 4G ones.

Apple is already aware of this and there’s already an internal memo instructing AppleCare to “œcapture” or in other words, replace the affected unit along with the included accessories.

Hope the cause of this problem gets solved and fixed before the iPad 3 officially lands in the country.


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  • DAMO

    when do you think the new ipad will land on our shores?
    I’m patiently waiting for it,I have 1st gen ipad I’m looking to upgrade..

    • Lau Beruin

      try widget city bro….i think they already have the new ipad

  • I just knew the iPad 3 will have noobish problems.

    In my opinion, the iPad 2 is a better buy. Because one of the only good differences is the retina display. If I were you guys, I’d get the iPad 2, since it will become really cheap due to the release of the iPad 3.


    • JmBalicano

      Yeah, the overheating and wifi issues are rather noobish. They’ll still sell like hotcakes though, but probably not with as much frenzy as previous generations of the New iPad. I’m just wondering how they’ll publicly address this. Maybe they’ll come out with another “You’re holding it wrong” presscon like they did with the iPhone 4’s antennagate issues.

  • Candice

    The wifi range issue on the new iPad (3) is really annoying, I was really sadden when I tried my new toy and this happened to me I spent quite a bit of time researching for a solution, without any luck. All of the methods I found didn’t work for me. At the end, I found a couple of reviews of Pong Research’s cases, that convinced me into giving it a try. This special case, is built with an antennae in between layers of the back cover, which redirects and boosts the power of the signals and increases the range of the wifi antennae on the iPad. After getting one, I couldn’t be happier with my new toy! This finally puts and end to the situation with the new iPad 3 poor wifi reception .

  • Pierre

    I had the same problem with my new iPad, the wifi range was really poor. I’ve searched for a solution to this situation, A LOT. Finally I had the luck to land on a review of a case from Pong Research. They produce this really interesting cases that have an antennae in between layers of the back cover, which redirects and boost the wifi signals into/from the antennae built-in the iPad, this fixes the new iPad 3 wifi range problems .