iPad mini photographed with the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD

The hoopla surrounding the iPhone 5 is slowly dying down and people are now directing their attention to the upcoming iPad mini launch this month. It’s not even sure if it will be called the iPad mini but leaks are obviously pointing to a smaller version of Apple’s tablet.


A mockup of a seemingly non-working final version of the iPad mini cropped up over at Nowhereelse.fr where it was shown side by side against Google’s Nexus 7 and Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD to give a comparison of it’s physical appearance. Based on the photos, the iPad mini is just a tad bit taller and slightly wider than the Nexus 7 but thinner.


There are also photos showing that the iPad mini is thinner than the iPad 3 having a 7.69 mm. thickness compared to the current iPad’s 9.91 mm. It measure 5.3-inch wide and 7.87-inch tall. For comparison, the current iPad is at 9.5-inches tall and 7.31 inches wide.


No solid talks on specs has been revealed aside from the mini having a 7.85-inch display and the same 1024 x 768 resolution as that of the iPad 2. It’s far from being Retina but it should still provide a sharp visual experience on a smaller screen. What’s more, apps will display properly right off the bat without the need for developers to convert them for a higher resolution.


That’s what we know for now but it’s being reported that media invitations will go out on the 10th of October suggesting a launch date of October 17.

[via RedmondPie]
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  • Anonymous

    I thought steve jobs said tablets smaller than the iPad are impractial or something similar .

    • yep… guess they realized that it’s not

  • Griswold

    mmmm interesting…. i think the ipad mini will do as good as the big ipad. for now nexus 7 ang leader in that size.