i.PH free for life

Now here’s something about the blogging service whose development team I’m part of:

Locally-developed hosted blogging service i.PH is free for life! From the i.PH News Blog:

Yes, you read it right. Subscription for the entry level Blog.Starter package is free for the life of the service. We won’t ask you to pay anything. The free blogs are ad-supported.

No more expiring after a few months’ trial! Your free account will auto-renew at every “end” of the subscription period.

We also increased the disc space and monthly bandwidth allocation across all accounts. Blog.Starter now has 100 Megabytes of storage space and 1 Gigabyte of monthly transfers. That’s good enough for a fairly active and popular blogger to live by!

What you get with a subscription:

  • Your very own i.PH domain
  • A point-and-click blog design interface
  • Integrated add-ons and features like tagboards, photoblogging, and a photogallry
  • Close integration of IM and VoIP clients (i.e. “online status” and VoIP calling from a web browser)
  • Earn from your content thru Pay4Access

Premium accounts are still available for those who want to make the most out of their blogging experience. We’ve narrowed down the new packages to Blog.Pro and MindBlogging. Here’s a plan comparison sheet.

What you get with a premium account:

  • Password protect your Blog
  • Ad-free blogging
  • Flash-based Photoblogging
  • Earn from your own Adsense Channel
  • Change of Domain

So spread the word! i.PH is free, free, free.

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  • Great stuff guys. Props all around.

  • x

    You call that free???

  • december 25th, 12:05 noon, Philippine time, i.ph subdomain is all not accessible.. makes me wonder no more why its free..