iPhone 3G Finally Unlocked

It didn’t take them quite long to finally find a way to do it. The iPhone Dev-Team has announced that they were finally able to unlock the iPhone 3G. The team is now preparing the unlocking module into a user-friendly application and is slated to go public on New Year’s Eve.

Some things to remember once the iPhone 3G unlock application becomes available on the 30th:

  • The unlock method will be application to iPhone 3G with 2.11.07 basedband or earlier. To find out what your iPhone 3G’s baseband is go to Settings -> General -> About -> Modem Firmware.
  • Your iPhone 3G must be jailbroken prior to unlocking
  • The unlock application will run on both Mac and PC via Cydia

What does this mean for us Pinoy iPhone users? Well, if you got your iPhone 3G from Globe’s Prepaid option, you would definitely want to have your iPhone 3G unlock to make the Smart Sim workable. This might help reduced your monthly data charges. I’ve known some friends who practically stopped using their iPhone as a mobile device since their Globe charges shoot up since the day they started using the iPhone 3G. I myself stopped using my iPhone through 3G connections.

But for those who got their iPhone’s through Globe’s various data plans, unlocking the iPhone may not be a good idea. Well at least until the 24-months lock-in period required by Globe.

As for me, I can’t wait to have my iPhone unlock, but need to have it jailbroken first.

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