iPhone 4 spotted

We got an iPhone 4 sighting earlier courtesy of Mr. Art Samaniego of the Manila Bulletin. Too bad I didn’t have a decent camera with me, just the one from an HTC phone.

iPhone 4

The iPhone 4 looks really nice in the flesh which should be of no surprise when looking at an Apple product. I was able to witness its retina display side-by-side with the Samsung Galaxy S’ Super AMOLED and the verdict? Super AMOLED looks more vibrant and clear from afar but the retina display looks sharper in viewing distance.

Contrary to what most people believe about the iPhone 4’s crappy reception due to its poor antenna design, this unit didn’t have any of those problems. Art said that the first batch of iPhone 4’s are the ones that have a buggy reception.

I’m not a fan of the iPhone 3G but I’m now a fan of the iPhone 4.

Getting an unlocked iPhone 4 and a microSIM

So how did Art get an iPhone 4 with a Globe sim considering that Globe’s available microSIM is made for the iPad (data only)? Buy an unlocked phone from the UK Apple Store which costs around Php35,000. src=""Then cut your regular sim card to microSIM size. Yep, the only difference between a regular sim and a microSIM is the size so cutting it with an Xacto knife or even a scissor is an easy solution.

More photos of the same iPhone 4 can be found on techie.com.ph. Check out Art’s review in the Manila Bulletin this Monday.

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  • grammar_nazi

    “So how did Art got an iPhone 4 with a Globe sim considering that Globe’s available microSIM is made for the iPad (data only)?”

    watch your grammar. 😛 …how did Art GET… not GOT.

    • jerome

      hi grammar Nazi! 🙂 You really are a grammar Nazi! My God, I’m glad I don’t have too many grammatical errors. I’m a jejebuster, a close relative of grammar Nazis.

    • wooohoo. thanks! Maybe you can watch my grammar for me in the future. 🙂

  • jerome

    Haha. Funny! You have to really cut it. 🙂

  • migz

    which uk store?

    + taxes, etc?

    expansys sells it around 700 pounds (or 49k pesos)

  • migz

    uk apple store sells it at 499 pounds or 35.3k php

    • thanks migz for pointing that out. i mistakenly used euros instead of pounds for the conversion.

    • daveme

      we have a supplier in U.K and we just ordered a batch of iphone 4,were selling it for 50k each,free reservation (until last week of this monty) and COD basis (cash on delivery)
      email me @[email protected] if you want

  • nice.. anyone has a friend in UK?

    • Hehe it’s not only that but you also have to compete with hundreds of others who are still waiting for their iPhone 4. tagal ng waiting time.

      • Roma

        so.. im going to get an iphone4 dito sa states, im bring it to the phil. may naguunlock na ba dun?

      • Calvin

        As far as i know wala pang unlock iphone 4.

  • 1a2b3c

    Is there an estimated price ng Iphone 4 na binibenta sa GH? meron kasi akong nkia sa RP and its worth 45 k. posible bang mas mura sa GH?

    • around ganyang range din sa GH.