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iPhone 4S hits the gray market for Php48,500

There’s no word yet on when Globe will be bringing out Apple’s iPhone 4S but if you can’t wait for it, Widget City is already selling the 16GB version for Php48,500. It’s quite a markup but what do you expect? It’s a hot commodity and it’s unlocked!

iPhone 4S

What we don’t know is if they already have it on hand or if they’re getting their stocks from Apple Singapore who’s already accepting pre-orders by the way. If it’s from Singapore then there’s a 1-2 weeks lead time so expect their units to be available in November. They are selling the iPhone 4S starting at SGD948 so that’s about Php33k.

If you really want the phone, call Widget City (09175423438) and see if the units are already available. Who knows? They might have a contact in Hong Kong where we first saw the unlocked grey units of the iPhone 4S. But if you can wait, pre-order in Singapore and have it shipped to a friend over there. Or see if you can enter your local shipping address.

UPDATE: We just confirmed that the units are already on stock (black/white) and they came from HK and unlocked.

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  • ranQueeuQnar

    Ang mahal naman.


      16GB = 23.5K fix price .. 20 PCS
      32gb = 25k FIX PRICE .. 30 PCS


      Text me if your interested

      • joe

        pls contact me at 09224575098. i am looking for 1 16gb iphone 4s. thanks.

  • Water

    Bibili na lang ako ng SGS2 or Xperia Play or HTC or anything. May sukli pa ko malaki :))

    OP talaga Apple kahit kailan.

  • Sani G

    It’s the brand the you pay for. Ganon talaga


  • Tmcr

    Only stupid people will buy this phone at that price. Siri doesn’t work outside the US. Just buy the Galaxy S II. Or if you’re really into iPhones, get the iPhone 4. Nobody will notice the difference.

    • Griswold

      hehe yeah… they say the iphone 4 is 80% of what the iphone 4s is.

      • Mycroft

        My friend told me that the main difference between the two. is speed.

  • I really Like apple products like this Iphone 4s.

  • wow… lets hope the price goes down a bit in a couple of months so that it becomes a little bit more affordable. the place i usually get my celphone from around Greenhills quotes this at PHP52K. exorbitant really. thanks for the tip on this one Pinoytechblog!

  • thank you sir for the nice tip! my suki in Greenhills quotes this at 52K… exorbitant i tell you. anyhow, hopefully the price goes down eventually. keep up the good work Pinoy Tech Blog!

  • jouv

    that iphone 4s is really stupido 52k for philippines.Namatay na nga si job dapat pinatay din nila ang price.mga sira ulo ang bibili nito
    bili nalang ako ng 52inch na flatscreen na colored tv kaysa sa iphone na walang kwenta.my siri daw.mga buang.isasak niyo sa baga yang iphone na yan.

    • relax… grey market price lang to. bababa rin once naging officially available sa philippines.

  • darren

    iphone users couldnt care less about what you haters think. di ko lang mapigilan mag comment. nakagamit na ba kayo ng iphone? kasi if you own one, makokontento na kayo. it’s worth every penny, from the design, resolution, responsiveness, and feel. inggit lang po yan. try buying one and then comment. experience nyo first hand hindi yung daldal kayo ng daldal on something you dont know personally. peace

    • chi

      hindi rin po sir. nasa tao na yan. i’ve been an iphone user since i-don’t -know-when, pero masaya ako kasi ipinagpalit ko si iphone 4 and bought an S2 instead. more function at hindi OA sa price. ang makaka-appreciate lang talaga ng iphone ay yung may mga pera lang talaga.

      ikaw sir? have you tried other smartphone? 😀

    • ios what?

      3 years din ako gumamit ng iphone pero hindi talaga ako satisfied. bumili ako ng galaxy s ang dami kong nagawa at sobrang happy ako. overrated at over hyped lang ang iphone wala naman magawa.

  • ios what?

    in short iphone ay mahal na paper weight lamang sa mga walang alam sa phone. Hindi marunong mag mod or mag hack at hindi mga power user.