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iPhone 5 far from being the most amazing iPhone yet

We all know that there’s no such thing as the perfect phone but the new iPhone is getting a lot of close scrutiny (for simply being an iPhone evidently) a few days after it officially became available to a number of markets.

A couple of serious issues already cropped up as new owners got the chance to play with their new toy.

Scuffs easily

One of the biggest criticism the iPhone 5 got early on was from its anodized aluminum back plate which according to a lot of owners scuffs or scratches easily. Some even got minimal scuffs right off the box and it’s good to know that Apple are happy to replace such units with new ones. Buyers are advised to check their units carefully at the store to have it replaced right away if such scratch marks are visible. {The Verge}


It’s the same problem that afflicted the HTC One S who’s anodized aluminum shell scrapes easily even from normal use without necessarily banging or dropping it.

Here’s a video by iFixit where the back and edges of the iPhone 5 easily got scratched from a bunch of keys, something that the iPhone 4S handled well.


No internet from WiFi

There’s also a growing thread over at the Apple forum where users are reporting that they can connect to a WiFi network but can’t pass data. The problem happens when the WiFi network uses a WPA2 encryption and can be temporarily resolved by switching your router to use the less-secured WEP encryption.

Apple is already aware of this issue and is working on a software fix for it.

Apple maps

Not really an issue with the iPhone 5 but more on the iOS 6 it comes with. Turns out that Apple maps is not that accurate as compared to the previously-removed Google Maps. Ā Apple focused on the turn-by-turn voice navigation for their maps which in turn sacrificed other features Google Maps users are accustomed to such as transit, street view and POI. {via ZDNet}

iPhone 5 is still a bit far to officially hit our shores so there’s still a lot of time for contemplating whether you should get one or not.

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  • mizzulitto

    Already available in villman for 47k

  • Anonymous

    Even a cheap but wise specs/hardware china phone can beat Iphone5..

    Like xiaomi, jiayu3 & meizu

    Be practical people

    • dalboy

      wtf is practical?

  • John

    Only the black one has anodized aluminum. The white version of the phone is pure aluminum.

  • Primon


  • tmcr7

    There are also reports that the onscreen keyboard exhibit some annoying static lines.

  • Griswold

    wow…. mukhang di maganda QA ni apple this time around ah. those scruffs are unacceptable from a brand that screams premium.

  • Most Apple fans will buy it anyway… that includes me.. šŸ™‚

  • philephenau

    There is also problem with purple tinge appearing in images taken by the iphone5 camera.. people associated it with the effect of the zapphire lens..