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iPhone 5 in the Philippines now supports LTE, enabled via software update

Well that didn’t take long. Apple just reported last week that they’re planning on rolling out LTE support to carriers in other countries and it’s finally here via software update.

I can personally attest that it works for Smart iPhone 5s. I updated my iOS version to 6.1 which includes local LTE support as well as some rather useless new features. The file size of the update is 107MB and requires WiFi to download.


Once the update is complete, the Enable LTE option will appear under the Cellular settings of the iPhone. Since the iPhone 5 is not part of any telcos current LTE handset plans, it’s still unclear how subscribers can actually access their network’s LTE signal with their existing plan. Whether a plan replacement or any additional fee is required, we’ll just have to wait for Smart and Globe’s decisions. For now, you might as well just prepare your iPhone 5 for LTE.

UPDATE: Globe and Smart’s current LTE plan for iPhone 5 subscribers

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  • Messie

    People in PhilMug are actually getting LTE results ranging from 7 mbps to 32 mbps! It seems that SMART and GLOBE LTE are already activated and you must both have an LTE compatible plan and within LTE area to avail the service.

    • yep. we still have to know what provisions smart and globe have for those with existing non-LTE plans. Smart will be having their presscon about it tomorrow but they said no sim replacement is required for their subscribers which is good news.

  • Edwin

    I have an existing lte plan from smart. Updated my iphone 5 and transferred my lte sim. Wala , 3G pa din xa. Take note: nasa makati ako near smart tower sa ayala šŸ™‚ i have lte signal sa xperia V pero wala lte signal sa ipione 5 šŸ™ sad

  • Miguel

    I am subscribed to Smart and have updated to IOS 6.1. However, I still don’t have the “enable LTE” option. It’s still “enable 3G”. Did I do something wrong? Help please.

    • Messie

      I still have this problem, and I my iphone 5 is linked with Globe.

      • let’s wait for Globe’s official announcement sa iPhone 5 LTE plan nila.

      • william

        i had the same problem. may nag-pop up after upgrade asking you about updating your network settings. Di ko napindot yun OK. After that what I did was to go to settings, then General, then click on About or Software update. The dialog box should pop up again telling you that i will update your network settings.

        hope this helps.

  • Messie

    My iphone 5 using non LTE SIM is now stuck with Edge even if it used to connect to 3G in that area. I wonder what’s the problem.

  • Chris

    After you have updated your iphone5 to ios 6.1 in itunes – itunes will then ask you to also update your local carrier settings. so essentially – there are 2 updates. 1 for ios 6.1 and then after that update for your carrier settings.

    if you have not seen the 2nd update for your carrier settings and you already have updated your iphone5 to ios 6.1 – you have to restore your phone back (again) to ios 6.1 for the 2nd update to take effect.

    this applies to smart and globe.

    hope this helps.

    • for a couple of updated iPhone 5’s, the update local carrier setting prompt happened after the reboot. but thanks for this info.

  • i have an iphone, the problem is that i cannot send msgs but ican receive msgs and calls.

  • i have an iphone 5, the problem is that i cannot send msgs but ican receive msgs and calls.