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iPhone 5 to hit the gray market next week, starts at around Php50k

Can’t wait to get your hands on the newest iPhone? Well online gray market sellers will be having them on hand as early as Tuesday next week (9/25). It does come with a steep price to pay to be among the first in the country to own one.

iphone 5

One of the sellers, Widget City, is now accepting pre-orders for the iPhone 5 16GB which they will sell for Php47,000 Php50,000. There will initially be 10 units of each color so the number is quite limited for the first batch. 32GB is at Php56k while 64GB is at Php61k.

First official batch of iPhone 5 in other countries are already sold out and those who did not make it to the pre-order cut-off will have to wait for an indefinite time for the next wave. Not unless you opt for the pricey but already available gray market units.

The iPhone 5 that will be available from Widget City are sourced from Hong Kong where people are more inclined to spend more just to acquire this new product from Apple.

Looking at the HK online Apple Store, the iPhone 5 16GB sells at HK$5,588 which translates to roughly around Php30,000. That’s a far cry from the Php47k Php50k but we have to keep in mind that suppliers in HK will pad the price a lot considering available supplies are quite limited to meet the demands of the people.

Since these units are from HK, it’s highly likely that it’s LTE will work with our carriers since it’s using the same LTE Bands as Smart (Band 1, 3, 5) and Globe (Band 3).

I know most of you who are planning to get the iPhone 5 are not willing to shell 50 grand but I also know of people who bought the iPhone 4 before for a much higher price. The question really here is, how badly do you want to own the iPhone 5 ahead of others?

If you want to reserve a unit from Widget City, you may e-mail them at [email protected] with your name, contact number, and the color of the iPhone 5 you want to get.

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  • WindowsPhone8FTW

    “I know most of you who are planning to get the iPhone 5 are not willing to shell 47 grand”

    iSheeps and Hipsters are willing, no matter how much it cost.

  • Alvir

    A quote from sir Calvin – “I’ll-get-a-laptop-instead range” hehe I think for this moment it belongs to this category. lol

  • StratoSpHere

    Piyesta na naman ang mga holdaper and mandurukot dito… Tsk tsk tsk…

  • Jef

    Hintayin ko na lang bumaba ng konti price nito. Ganun din lang nman, nga lang bida ng ilang araw sa iba..

    • It’sJustAphone

      “bida ng ilang araw sa iba..”

      it’s just a phone.. MOST people that will buy/own this won’t even use or need most of its features..

  • WONDERer

    Parang Mas meaningful pa na sa HK na Mismo bumili para sa desperado at adventurous hahaha

  • Wert303b

    Seen comments from early owners about WiFi issues (very slow to zero kbps data transfer rates over WiFi), some phones had to be replaced by apple…at this time, it might be a good idea to wait and get a non-gray market version for the warranty…or until apple fixes the WiFi issue.

    • meron din daw iba loose battery sa loob. hehe.

  • Griswold

    no thanks. it may be the new iphone but in the world of android, it’s an old phone. 😛

  • A_Recca

    Hi pinoytechblog, so iphone 5 na galing HK will work perfectly fine dito sa pinas? pls advise.

  • Bebong

    Im using iphone 5 here in Singapore, plan to get one for my wife in the Philippines, but where or how can we get a globe nano sim card? thanks

    • Globe centers are already selling nano sim cards.

  • vnce

    with P50-K: one laptop plus 2 smartphones! just being practical!