iPhone 6s plans: Smart vs Globe Postpaid

All cards are out! iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus officially launches today, November 6, 2015. A week earlier compared to last year’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus launch. Last night, Smart even had a special arrangement with Uber delivering rose gold iPhone’s all around Metro Manila, right wherever the buyer wants it to be delivered via the Uber application!

Smart Postpaid plans for the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus

Globe postpaid plans for the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus

Which one would the better plan be?

Smart iphone 6sGlobe iPhone 6s
Cash outPhp 250 / mo for 24 months (FREE for 30 months)Php 450 / mo for 24 months
Total Price (Cash out + Plan)            Php 54,000                             (Php 60,000 for 30 months)Php 53,976
Smart iPhone 6s PlusGlobe iPhone 6s Plus
Cash out                Php 4,000                     (Free for 30 months)Php 4,800 for 24 months
Total Price (Cash out + Plan)           Php 63,976                          (Php 74,970 for 30 months)Php 64,776

Both postpaid offers several plans but in terms of lock-in period, only Smart offers the flexibility of getting the new iPhone units without cash out under a 30-month lock-in period. Looking at the table above, Globe offers a lower face value plan (Plan 1799) and Smart might look like the more expensive option. If you compute the total cash out, Smart is actually a bit cheaper and offers more added value.

Here’s how we computed the total cash out: 24 months X plan value + cash out. For the iPhone 6s, total acquisition cost of iPhone 6s from Smart would be 54,000 pesos while Globe’s total acquisition cost would be 53,976 pesos. A shy 24 pesos cheaper only BUT with Smart, you are already under a Plan 2000. Both offers 10GB of data but differ in call and text offers as Smart offers more flexibility by offering all network 150-minute calls and 200 texts while Globe offers unli calls to Globe and TM only but offers unlimited SMS to all networks, which is nice. If I put the cost of calls at 7 pesos, 150 minutes would be worth around 1,050 pesos while an unlimited Globe to Globe or TM call subscription would be worth lower. If you are planning to get the iPhone 6s under Smart, the best plan would be the Smart iPhone Plan 2000 as it offers more flexibility by giving you 150 minutes of free calls to all networks and 200 SMS to all networks PLUS 10GB of data and all-month surf!

For the iPhone 6s Plus plans, we compared both Smart and Globe’s Plan 2499. Smart’s total acquisition is 63,976 pesos while Globe’s would amount to 64,776. Just 800 pesos more expensive than Smart BUT in this plan, Globe only offers 10GB of data allocation while Smart offers 15GB.

If you compare Smart’s iPhone Plan 2499 to Globe’s iPhone Plan 1799, Smart offers a free iPhone 6s Plus under a 30-month contract and only P4000 cash out for a 24-month contract. For Globe, you have to shell out P15,600 for a 24-month lock-in period. If you think about it, 15,600 is 650 a month. If you add that up to the plan 1799 that they offer, your plan would now be effectively be 2449 BUT your data allocation is still 10GB while with Smart, your plan is under 2499 BUT your data allocation is 15GB! Smart clearly is the better offer if you carefully digest what is just plainly written.

Also, Smart has more value added offers compared to Globe as well. With Globe, you get 3-month access to HOOQ and games like Clash of Clans, Hay Day, Candy Crush, Candy Crush Soda Saga, Summoners War, Soul Seeker, Brave Frontier, Asphalt, Dungeon Hunter 5, Boom Beach. P500 voucher for Digital Connectors, and Gadget Care for 24 months.

With Smart, the additional perks and freebies that you’ll get are 3 months iFlix access with 1GB data allocation for it, P2,500 Airbnb discount, 20% discount from Zalora, 50% off (Max of P200) for your first two Uber rides, chance to win a premium device by getting a new contract or recontracting from Smart, gadget shield for 30 days.

It seemed like Smart has more additional perks and freebies. Both postpaid offers are competitive but we think that Smart has better value overall whether it’s the head-to-head plan 1799 of Globe vs plan 2000 of Smart for the iPhone 6s or even Globe’s plan 1799 vs Smart’s Plan 2499 for the iPhone 6s Plus.

Today is the first day they are offering the new iPhones! Hurry and go get yours now!

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