These iPhone Apps Fridge Magnets bring out the geek in you

For Apple fans out there, you may want to check this out.

Here’s a cool set of ref magnets from There are 18 pcs of Apple app icon magnets that you can use on your ref or your office cubicle to let the world know that you’re truly a geek.


Each set only costs Php195 and there are unlimited stocks so you can buy a handful and save it as a gift for next Christmas. Only thing you need to worry about is the time left on the deal. As of this posting, there’s only 125 hours left.

I just got mine delivered yesterday through Xend and was happy on how the ref magnets turn out. There are 18 pieces in all and the tiles are actually a tad bigger than a scrabble tile. The surface has a smooth glossy finish and is a bit thick due to the magnet underneath. As for the magnet strength, a single tile could hold your phone bill into one without slipping, so it’s pretty decent considering the size.


The Apple ref magnets were made by the Jailbreak Toys Inc., and I’m not sure as to where this is also available other than the site. For now, you may want to purchase this one through the site before the promo time runs out.

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  • JmBalicano

    The Android version better have widgets. LOL.

    • Carl

      Haha that would be great. I’m also wondering if there’s a WP7 version which I think would also look great.

    • JmBalicano

      Metro post-its!

  • I want them. I want them all.

  • Roland

    The deal of OkayOkay is a fraud! I received a ‘divisoria’ quality iphone apps magnet, not the one featured in this blog. Their ads were deceiving too.. Plus, they don’t have a hotline or a landline number.

  • Darnyl

    I just got my 2 packs of this iphone magnets, they look great in my room.

    Hope okayokay will post more deals related to iPhone.

    • meron din sila yung iphone memopad.