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iPhone: Does it have an Apple logo?

Only 2 days left and the Apple iPhone will be released to the public. We were hoping Apple would send us a test unit we can review. Sadly, we’re no Walt Mossberg and David Pogue. So, sorry if we can’t give you any first hand reviews. *hehe*

The next best thing we can offer is send you to the right location to get independent 3rd-party assessment of the iPhone. The WallStreet Journal published Walt Mossberg’s take on the iPhone.

But here’s our favorite one — New York Times’ David Pogue doing a video review of the iPhone:

It’s funny but I think it closely depicts the initial rave and the inevitable disappointment on the iPhone.

Yeah, no 3G or HSDPA, locked to AT&T, and the batteries are non-replaceable.

Still, the best feature of the iPhone is that it has the Apple logo. *heh*

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  • Non-3G phone… at this day and age? And a lousy camera to boot?

    Zero coolness factor.

    Apple’s gonna commit techno-suicide with this thing, methinks.

  • Judging by today’s selloff, I think potential customers are starting to realize how expensive the iPhone will be. If you sign the mid-range $99.99/mo service plan after purchasing the 8GB iPhone model, that alone will set you back $3000 during the two-year contract (without any accessories)!

    Here’s a few other potential hurdles that could prevent the iPhone from exceeding its already lofty expectations:

    * You must be an AT&T customer to use the iPhone. With a market share of 20%, that means 80% of wireless customers must cancel their current contracts to sign with AT&T. Being a Sprint customer, I would have to pay a $175 cancellation on top of the $3000 price tag for the iPhone. AT&T’s exclusive contract runs through 2009.
    * Only 4 & 8GB of hard drive space? My tiny video iPod holds 30 GB for less than $200.
    * Recent surveys have shown that the majority of IT departments will not even consider the iPhone due to its PC incompatibilities & exclusive AT&T contract. That will dampen business spending & all but eliminate demand for the higher-tier contracts.

    This is the ultimate “sell the news” scenario. On Jan 9th 2007, Steve Jobs announced the iPhone at the Macworld Conference & Expo. The stock has since been on fire rising 50% to $125, adding $30 billion to the company’s market capitalization. Will the iPhone really hold that much value for Apple? This huge runup comes after a fantastic finish to 2006 after Apple’s stock bottomed out at $50 in October. Thus, nearly everyone holding Apple is sitting on huge gains.

    Expect an Apple selloff on Friday when the iPhone is finally released. 3 similar mini-selloffs have occurred during this recent runup:

    * June 26th: Apple announces 6 AT&T service plans for the iPhone. The stock drops 3% on investor concerns over the high prices.
    * June 11th: Steve Jobs shows off the iPhone at Apple’s World Wide Developer’s Conference. The stock falls 5% after investors saw no “surprises”.
    * March 20th: Apple beats 4th quarter analyst earnings & revenue estimates. The stock falls on profit taking.

    Apple’s recent success has created impossible expectations. With all the mega-hype already priced into the stock, just meeting expectations will create a selloff. I plan to sell tomorrow and buy back in a couple months. Longer-term investors need not worry because the future looks bright with Macs gaining market share & the iPods continuing their dominant foothold on the music industry.

  • If the unlocked price is right, it may yet be a great WiFi terminal.

  • No, Apple did not create the hype. It was the media and tech sites that created it.

    And it is not $3K for the iPhone. Various sites already debunked that computation. Have a look at digg, engadget or gizmodo.

    I’m no Mac-fanboy. But i would like to ask anyone here that has a phone except the kitchen-sink? If you don’t have why loathe for a thing you haven’t seen yet?

  • There’s a great clip on Amaldo.com called “iPhone of the Sexes” and it explores gender re: the iPhone.

  • wendy

    Not a good deal for the amount of money and hassle you’re going to have to go through.
    everyone knows that a better iphone is set to come out. (e.g: ipod, ipod mini, shuffle, nano, nano 2nd gen, shuffle 2nd gen?!!!!)

    so why not wait for the perfect iphone for you?