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iPhone Unlocked. Any Chance of Seeing it in the Philippine Market?

Engadget recently reports that the iPhone has been unlocked by a six-man team who had been working since launch for an unlocking solution. So will this mean we’ll be seeing the iPhone in the Philippine market anytime soon (the grey market, at least)?

Well, probably, yes. Again, most likely in the grey market. But for all intents and purposes, I think the iPhone would be good just for eye candy for now, and not so much for the rich data features and functionalities that it’s supposed to have revolutionized mobile telephony with. For one, it’s slow, in terms of data transfer. EDGE? Come on–even a PhP 6,000 LG phone supports 3G speeds. Secondly, networks here won’t support the iPhone-specific features that AT&T has, such as visual voicemail and YouTube out-of-the-box.

Still, for me the most important thing the iPhone has contributed to mobile telephony is the user interface, which is worlds apart from how we use our phones today. So the SIM-unlocking and a possible availability in the country are just the first steps. I’m waiting for iPhone version 2, or other manufacturers coming out with iPhone wannabes. Maybe then we’ll see a really big difference.

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