iPhoto for Windows? Make video slideshows with music

Hands down, the iPhoto for Windows is Picasa. However, I found myself with dozens of wedding pictures I shot for a cousin’s wedding, and I know the best way to give the newlyweds a copy is to convert it into a slideshow. So, can Picasa create a slideshow VCD/DVD with music?

No. I even asked Picasa support, and they did mention they had numerous requests for that feature. Henceforth, I go Googling, and found ProShow.

The ProShow software isn’t a Picasa substitute on Windows, but if you do want slideshows on VCD, or DVD (available only for the ProShow Gold version) with music, here’s the next best deal. It’s a 15-day shareware program, but comes fully functional. No annoying logos on your videos, or time-limit restrictions.

Once the program is fired up, one’ll see its all drag-and-drop. Provided in the default screen is a file explorer, a thumbnail viewer, larger image previews, and the slideshow timeline. Transition effects from slide to slide is abundant, and frame timing, as well as fade-in, fade-out music is easily set.

The best features are the output options. From your basic VCD setup (set it to XVCD resolution for best quality), to a VCD with themed menus, PC Autorun capabilities, and an optional still show. Really nice touches if you want to give them out as gifts.

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  • We tried out muvee ( http://muvee.com ) for our class photo-collage. What we got was a trial copy which would splash a “muvee” logo every so often on the photocollage.

    But the muvee software comes bundled with sony cameras. And i found it rather good, with templates, styles, transitions to choose from.

    So if you want to try out muvee, dial a friend who has a Sony Digital cam.

    another — what is it again? Ah, yes: Photo Story 3 ( http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/using/digitalphotography/photostory/default.mspx ) It’s free but will require a genuine windows license to register. I Never got to try it. But it might be worth a checking out.

    ka edong

  • I’ve tried Microsoft Photostory. Oh, how shall I put it: its major crap. All the video slideshows I burned had flickering images.

  • Hey,

    I use PhotoStory3, coz I have genuine windows XP, it is a Zip to use, and as friendly UI as well, batch operations, and good output features, that can be saved as WMV. One needs a good WMV to VCD(MPG) converted then to put it on VCD, I guess it is worth the pain, but would not mind using a Software that bundles all these into one!!