iPod Addicts

I didn’t know that there are parents that are so addicted to iPod that they started to make their babies look iPods. However, four colors are only available namely, black, pink, blue, and white. They should have made other colors available as well. Here are sample photos of the iPod babies. And here is the link to the site. Hmmm, will any Filipinos be interested in distributing items here in Manila?

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  • Poor kids. The trauma.

    And for older kids, Microwarehouse, the local iPod distributor, reports high demand.

  • uy wag ka ganyan, one of the guys from CW sent me one for my son! hahaha

  • hahaha
    Anp, so your son wears one? hehehe :p

  • Karla: actually, yes. haha.

  • AnP,
    show us the picture :p

  • haha sure sure.

  • baluga01

    ang cute ng pictures!!!!!!! pwed pangregalo sa christmas!!!! (layo pa kaya nun?)

  • baluga01

    saan ba nakakabili niyan?

  • SweetessGuy07

    Where Can I Buy An Ipod just 256MB only at A low Price…????

  • There is no 256 MB iPod… are you thinking about iPod clones?

  • SweetessGuy07

    hmmmm,….ok just an mp3 player…,i dont know where to buy it..,