IPTV in the Philippines

I was just watching Convergence (Net 25) now and saw a segment where Erwin Oliva is interviewing several personalities from cable operators and organizations about IPTV in the Philippines, specifically the Triple Play offering — video, voice and data.

The discussion was held during the Philippine International Cable Convention last March 29 -31, 2006.

Discussions revolve around the basic benefits of delivering all three services (video, voice and data) by cable companies and telcos. Whether this offering is more beneficial to existing cable operators as against telcos is still unasnswered although I am inclined to side with cable companies being able to affordably offer this (and stick with the current connection rates).

My cable provider sent me a flyer last month which contains a teaser for a telephony service bundled with my annual subscription which they will eb offering soon. There wasn’t any additional details but I guess this could already be part of their IPTV offering.

Another topic that was discussed was about cable theft (see House Bill 4665) and how moving to IPTV would solve this growing concern by the cable providers. They added that cable connection pilferage might be as high a 3 or 4 illegal ones for every single legal connection.

With IPTV though, there is still the question of required bandwidth and cost.

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  • filmboy

    this will be great if they would push this and in effect translate to better, faster and cheaper bandwidth in the Philippines.

  • Maybe not, because IPTV would be watching TV over MPEG (like satellite) but over the local loop. Not directly related to the international bandwidth available.

  • it is actually easier to control pilferage in IPTV. providers can put an authentication mechanism on top of the IPTV signal. this way everything become pay per view.

    they can also allow subs to select only the channels they want and pay for that.

  • Funny how “pilfer” now applies to intellectual property. The word suggests somebody carting off something tangible.

  • Migs, the cable wire perhaps?

  • tell this IPTV thing with all the smart and pldt dsl wireless subscriber and i bet its gonna be one helluva discussions..

    did i just spell f-u-n there..?

  • speaking of wireless, that’s the “fourth play” – mobile. so that’s mobile IPTV, which is one of the services announced for 3G.

  • Another interesting thing to look out for is mobile TV (DVB-H – digital video broadcasting, handheld).

    Some new cellphones support this already, to pick up one-way/broadcast digital TV signals which are much fatter in bandwidth than what 3G can offer.

  • buds

    you can watch your filipino channel in october at http://www.tvsoma.com channel GMA7,MTVphil.nbn4,rpn9 etc……it is a filipino owned company you can have at least 384kbps to 512kbps (512 recomended)

  • buds

    by the way meron din kaming decoder box you can
    connect it to your tv parang na nunuod ka ng DVD if we set up our speed to 1mb.

  • joey

    sir saan po ako makabili ng iptv receiver kailangan ko 10 pcs plsssssssss email asapp