Is HD-DVD going to the pits?

HD-DVD is dead, long live HD DVD! As a final blow to the adoption of HD-DVD, Walmart recently announced it will be selling Blue Ray and VD players only and will be finally phasing out HD-DVD on or before June of 2008.

This, on top of Netflix announcing earlier that it ill cease renting out HD-DVD movies and will move on to Blue-Ray formats. Best Buy also announced support for Sony’s (SNE) Blu-Ray format over Toshiba’s HD DVD. Warner Bros. also made public the same message last January that it will only support Blue-Ray in future releases.

Blue-ray supporters include Disney, Fox, Lionsgate while HD-DVD has Paramount, Dreamworks and Microsoft. Studios in the Blu-ray camp accounted for about 66% of all video sales and rentals in 2007. The format wars sure does have a clear winner in Sony.

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  • Eh, behind the scenes deals won this battle and not the users. HD DVD was by far the most mature media and even the Bluray offered a lot of features, only a small number of those were in any of the movies that one could get off the shelf … not to mention the fact that the players didn’t support advanced features.

    tsk tsk

  • banana

    well actually it was the HD DVD camp doing most of the behind the scenes deals, they were offering companies a hefty sum of cash for them to support their media. But most of those guys rejected the offer and went to the blu side.

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  • banana: how exactly do you know this? DO you have insider info of some sort?

    While this sucks for poeple who went HD-DVD, it can only be good for the consumer int he long run, as there’s only one format now. And hey, Sony lost the betamax vhs war so lets give them this one eh?

  • HD format was better but had no chance to win. Blu ray was sold as the best solution and there can only be one winner