Is it time to upgrade to WP 2.1?

The latest release of WordPress 2.1 had people rushing to upgrade their blogs hoping to get the souped-up version. With 500+ bug fixes in tow, who would not want to update to the latest stable version?

Still, the questions remains. Is it time to upgrade? A new version may fix a lot of bugs but at the same time, they may also introduce newer ones (see what happened to v 2.0.6). Here are some quick notes you need to look into before going forward and updating your blog:

  • Is your mySQL DB already 4.x? It better be because WP 2.1 won’t support anything below mySQL 4. If unsure, check with your web host.
  • Do you have dozens and dozens of plugins installed? Not all of them might work and there’s no going back. You’ll have to wait until all the plugin developers update their scripts to make it compatible.
  • Is your WP theme compatible. First time since WP 1.2 did I ever hear that a WP upgrade could actually ruin your beautiful theme.
  • Do you have a backup? This is supposed to be the first in line.

If you’re all set and itching to make that upgrade, go over here and download the latest version.

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  • I see no need to upgrade my blogs. I guess I’ll try 2.1 when I open a new blog.

  • Check on points 1 and 3. Iffy on point 4 – my last backup was a week ago.

    Point 2 really is my problem – I’ve got several plugins that I’m not sure are compatible with WP2.1 yet. I think I’ll wait a few weeks, then upgrade.