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IT Jobs Tops JobStreet’s List of Highest-Paying Trades in PH

JobStreet.com has recently published its 2016 Jobs and Salary report which reveals that careers in the Information Technology (IT) field offers the highest monthly salary to employees in the Philippines.

In the report, the Malaysian-based online job portal mentioned that the monthly salary of IT-related jobs in the country ranges between Php 38,000 to Php 86,550.

JobStreet Philippines

Jobstreet.com Philippines country manager Philip Gioca stated that managers and assistant managers positions in the IT field have the highest average salary of Php 86,550. He also pointed out that most of the managerial positions that offer the highest salary are in the business process outsourcing (BPO) sector.

The monthly salary on other IT-related fields that are lower than the aforementioned title isn’t too shabby either. The average denomination of the paycheck that supervisors or seasoned IT veterans (systems analyst, project developer, senior software developer) with at least 5 years of experience is measured at around Php 63,485 per month.

Meanwhile, junior executives or fairly new employees with fewer than 5 years of experience under their belt tend to get an average salary of Php 38,000 a month. The type of jobs under this category includes software developer, systems administrator, and web developer. (Most tech bloggers don’t belong to this list, regardless of their tenure. LOL!)


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