iTab: iMac converted into tablet computer

Ever wonder why tablet PCs have proliferated the mobile gadget world, but still we have no tablet iBooks or PowerBooks?

Well these guys over at iTab probably did, too , so they addressed that lack of tablet-format Mac notebooks.

The iTab is built by taking Apple’s excellent 12″ iBook laptop, taking the screen off, applying a touchscreen, then flipping the screen around and fastening it on. The whole thing is finished off by putting the leftover screen backing over the top of the iTab, giving it the “rounded white edges.”

Quite a cool casemod, if you ask me. Of course, you void the hardware warranty and all. And you get to pay US$ 500 more than the usual 990 something bucks for a regular iBook 12″.

I have doubts as to the functionality and usability, since the mod does away with the keybaord and touchpad (the description says so). I prefer a tablet to have a swiveling screen so I can switch between using it as a tablet and a regular laptop–which is how PC-based tablets work.

But if you’re into unique designs, then this is the laptop, err, tablet for you.

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  • Drat, the project has been cancelled — found that out by following the link to their site. Sayang. OTOH, I found another site, URL escapes me at the moment, will post back when I find it again.

  • Ah yes, here it is: — Axiotron has apparently had more success than iTab