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Jabra-maker partners with WSI Inc. to bring their enterprise solution to the market

When you hear Jabra you will usually think of Bluetooth headsets favored by many professionals and executives. They’ve been in the country for a long time now offering headset solutions for contact centers but now, they are also bringing in their office enterprise headsets to the market.

GN Netcom's partners with WSI

GN Netcom, the 140-year old Danish company who also owns the Jabra brand, has recently partnered with one of the country’s leading IT distributors, Wordtext Systems Inc. (WSI), to be the one to carry its office headsets in the enterprise market.

These new headsets are targeted towards executives and personnel who need to answer landline calls away from their desk and would still be able to toggle calls between mobile phones and softphones using only a single headset.

“œJabra is committed to providing high-quality wireless headset in the Philippines. Our new headsets will give business executives, office personnel and mobile workers the freedom and mobility they ask for”, says Ralph Ede, the GN Netcom Regional Managing Director for South Asia.

One such headset is the Jabra GO 6400 series especially the 6470. The Jabra GO 6470 comes with a headset and a docking station.

Jabra GO 6470

The headset will be the only thing you need to answer calls from your mobile phone, desk phone or softphone such as Skype. It features a Noise Blackout system that will effectively eliminate background noise you can still be heard from a noisy location.

The Jabra GO 6470 touch screen base will be the one to unite all your phones. If you’re at your desk, just select from its touch screen the phone you want your headset to communicate with.

The headset can be placed on the docking station for 15 minutes which will give you 6 hours talk time on a full charge. It also has a 100m wireless Bluetooth range so you can take that call while you’re making coffee inside the meeting room.

For further information about Jabra products and their availability here in the local market, visit www.jabra.com and www.wordtext.com.ph.

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